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BRICLYN ENt ENDOWED FUND 2023_1200x628_v2.jpg

The Briclyn Entertainment Endowed Fund at Bowie State University assists students majoring in Fine & Performing Arts, Business Administration and Communication. 


Students must be a Junior or Senior holding a 2.5 GPA


Endowed Funds:

  • Provide a perpetual source of financial assistance for students and programs for generations to come

  • Award funds in perpetuity, spending only the interests accrued in a given year, not the principal 

  • Leave a lasting legacy on behalf of the donor and or family

Creative Pathways to Success - Briclyn Entertainment Group, LLC.

  • Contribute to the overall university's health and vitality Investment:

  • Consider the impact that you would like to invest in students' lives and programs (the minimum amount to endow a scholarship is $25,000).

Giving is not just about money, but make the time to visit the students and give your time!! Sharing your experiences can also prepare them for life. Pay it forward where you can. 


Donate to the Briclyn Entertainment Endowed Fund today!

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